Online Working with Appen

I saw so many advertisements that encourage us to work from home. At first, I did not think that how could someone pay me if I was working somewhere else and never knew me before. Back to a year ago, I proved myself that I could make some money by doing freelance remote working in one of technology services company based on Australia.

Back to a year before(until now), I still have my full time job in Indonesia, but I tried to get additional income by joining freelance job advertised by Appen. My responsibility was to make sure search engine shows as user expectation, Youtube shows advertised that I really interested for, and Instagram shows advertisement that suitable for user preference. The job was so simple, I used my own feeling and expectation on deciding if one ads was appropriate or google search result was suitable with my expectation. Instead of scrolling Instagram without gaining money, I managed to get $5 per hour. Instead of watching unimportant video on Youtube, I rated the advertisement that shown in the middle of video who provided me hundreds dollar in a month.

Do you need advanced English? You don’t. Most of  advertisement or searching query are provided in your local language. You just need to give rating of the ads or query using English. As it was  your local language, you must be understand the whole advertisement. Appen searched for independent advertisement rater. You did not need any special skill if want to join, but you must provide neutral feedback for every task given.

Please go to this website: and you can search the freelance job that’s suitable for you. They prioritized someone that understand well with the local language.  For example, Indonesia should apply Indonesia based job. You need to work at minimum 20 hours per week and got up to $100 per week or $400 per month. The amount is more than enough to life well in city like Jakarta or for your further investment. At the middle of month, you will get salary in dollar currency that can be transferred to your local bank account. Sometimes, we hope dollar exchange rate increase ^_^

If you are a housewife who could not work at the office for nurturing your children, this freelance job is really suitable for you. You still can enjoy social media or video while make some money.


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