3 Daily Habits for a Lazy

I am a lazy person. I always have the anxiety that I have spent most of my life with unuseful things, like watching 5 episodes of the series, Korean drama, sleeping and useless things you named it.

Thanks to the internet, day by day I try to improve myself with a simple thing. Here are new routines that I have developed since a month ago. People said that 21 days is enough time to create a habit. Here are new small habits for a lazy girl like me.

1 pack Swedish language in Duolingo per day
After many times of practising, I learned that studying language needs continuous process. It is better to study with a small amount of time and doing it in routine rather than studying for hours but never learned again. I learned a lot during the process. I like the way of Duolingo gives the experience so we do not want to skip it. My goal of learning Swedish is to improve my chance to get a job or part-time here. I learned Swedish from Duolingo after wake up or during commuting. This learning only consumes 20 minutes a day that you can set as you wish.  You can study any language you like using Duolingo. I am also using Duolingo for English

300 – 400 minutes focus day.
Actually, I devoted myself to learn more than 300 minutes a day using the Pomodoro technique. Before Ramadan, I could achieve more than 400 minutes studying per day on average, but now I am only able to achieve 300 minutes only. I used Forest app that I have to pay around 30 IDR for lifetime usage. Actually, you do not have to pay to apply this technique, just use your timer. Using this app, I can track my friend’s study time. Since I am still working to construct my self-motivation, seeing how other work always success encourages me to study more. Even though some people said that quality over quantity, but believe me, you have to study as much as possible.  Along the way, you will know how to study in an efficient way that you will never know if you never start. What I like from the Pomodoro technique is its 5 minutes break after 25 minutes studying. During a short time break, I usually give a reward for myself, such as checking Instagram or Twitter. Moreover, you also can plant a real plant using the credits you collected during study time. Invite my forest: ria.ratna.sari25@gmail.com so we can focus together.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-13 at 19.19.12

Write 300 words daily journal in English.
I always write anything before starting my day. Writing down what I am thinking, my anxiety, accomplishments,  or what I want to do on that day really helps me to focus on doing my activities. Besides, writing a minimum of 300 words a day is my way to improve my writing. I have never a problem with listening, speaking, and reading in college, but writing especially assignment is always irritating me. I know that my writing skill still high school level, but I believe can improve it. Our brain also said so. If you think you can do it, you will! Maybe this journal will help me to write my autobiography if I become famous. Who knows 😀

I could maintain these three habits in a month, but there are many habits that I am still struggling to keep, such as:

  1. 1 Leetcode problem per day
  2. 1 web project per month
  3. 1 blog post per week
  4. 2 new recipes a week, put it in  Cookpad
  5. PR Besar: One Day One Juz

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” – unknown

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