New Year

Today is nothing different. I wake up very late. My face is still swollen due to cosmetics allergic. They said that the first day of the year must be celebrated with a new spirit.

Like many other years, I had my own way to celebrate the new year. Yesterday, I cleaned my refrigerator and did recycle that I postponed for two weeks. I cooked Indomie and watched a boring Korean movie that we skipped most of the time.  Then went to bed early, still  10.30pm. An hour later, being wakened up by noisy fireworks outside. I could see lovely fireworks through my apartment (7th floor) window. What a nice decision. I didn’t have to go downtown, waiting for giant fireworks with that cold weather (1 degree Celcius).

2019 is a great year. Some significant things happened in my life. Solo travelling to 6 countries, got a part-time job at the company, being TA at university, and got paid master thesis at Sweden research institute.

I hope this year will be more awesome. Even though didn’t create many resolutions but one thing, I want to drink at least 2L water every day.

Happy new year. Every second is counted.

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