One Baby Step at a Time

After being self-distancing for nine days, I started to understand myself more. “Working from home is not my thing”. Have tried many things to keep high productivity but it turned out I didn’t do anything. Didn’t make any significant progress with my thesis, which I have to submit by the end of May. It has been two months since I started doing my master thesis. Coronavirus outbreak does change my daily life and productivity. The company, where I worked for my degree project, is closed, the university is closed and also public libraries. Hence, studying in this comfort room is killing me. I couldn’t work well when no one around me.

I tried to switch my focus between thesis and other tasks such as completing FreeCodeCamp challenge or Udemy or youtube tutorial to keep me productive. I promised myself to follow #100daysofcode, but it lasted in 4 days. I have started with improving my portfolio, learning design, video editing, but I didn’t finish it. I gave up before I could make any significant progress.

Then, I learned that the way I worked for those things is incorrect. I put the mindset that I have to finish everything in one day, want to finish everything as quick as possible. When I realized that it’s impossible to complete it, I stopped. Never look back again, and tried to distract my guilty doing other wasting time activities that can keep me up until 4 am.

I put my expectation is too high. My to-do list full of “I have to complete X” which most of them actually is not feasible in one day. They said one baby step at a time.

“Let the process be your result.” – Pinterest

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