Looks Younger

With Asian looks, it is common that some people think that we look younger than our actual age. At least that what I always heard from people I met here. My friends in college think that I am younger than them or at least at the same age. It’s something to be grateful. I was starting my master program a bit late (with 4 years working experiences). Believe me, if you continue to study with the program other than management things after having working experiences, most of your classmates will be younger than you. They start their master immediately after finishing their bachelor. Also, for Swedish student, they usually take master as a part of the 5-year program (3 years bachelor + 2 years master). For other European students, the bachelor program is only 3 years. They have finished university younger than Asian’s (which usually spend 4 years for a bachelor).

Probably you have heard that European usually takes long-break after school for travelling before going back to study. But, in my case, that kind of students didn’t go to engineering master program. So, most people I met in the program are younger than me. They are always surprised when I told my actual age. First, because they thought that people will continue taking master immediately. Second, because of my face. They guessed my aged around 22-24 year old.

Comparing to the European race (Caucasians), Asian has a darker skin tone. The skin tone will affect the way we get the sunlight. The darker the skin tone, the more we have the melanin that will protect us from sunlight, that will reduce the effect of ageing. So, as a woman comes from a tropical country, the research that says the sunlight will make us look older seems doesn’t really apply, because we have dark skin tone.

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